YouGov is an international data and analytics group providing clients with the data and insights needed for planning, developing and evaluating the impact of marketing and communication activities. Our panel of over 8 million consumers and professionals form the foundation of our services. We query our panelists regularly and their collective responses make up the largest connected database of its kind.

Clients engage YouGov to:

  • Generate proactive media stories
  • Inform crisis management and outreach strategies
  • Track brand performance and social media chatter
  • Quantify brand awareness, usage, personality and competitive context
  • Reveal deep consumer and B2B insights through online qualitative
  • Test products/concepts/advertising/pricing hypotheses and market response
  • Gauge impact and valuation of sports and entertainment sponsorships
  • Generate better-informed new business or renewal pitches

Our mantra is “Best panel – Best data – Best tools,” and we prove this through the breadth and flexibility of our offerings. From planning and profiling through syndicated tools, to gaining fast, reliable opinions, to working with our sector specialists in technology, gaming, education, finance, CPG and more, YouGov has a solution for your most pressing business issues.

YouGov Case Studies


Driving Progress and Innovation Through Tech Intensity

Working with WE on behalf of Microsoft, YouGov surveyed 700 business and technology decision-makers in the US across 20 industries. The study quantified the degree to which organizations are moving, and intend to move, beyond adoption of technology to develop proprietary digital practices. This shift—referred to as “Tech Intensity” by Microsoft—supports Microsoft’s evolution to a company that empowers and supports organizations as they work towards ever-higher degrees of tech intensity to solve complex business and societal issues. Following the survey, a qualitative exploration via online bulletin boards was conducted among survey respondents which revealed deep insights into business decisions makers and their goals for increasing the level of tech intensity in their firms. Please see the full case study here.


Closing the Gender Gap in Technology Careers

Working with WE on behalf of Capital One, YouGov recommended a survey approach to reveal the factors that contribute to women staying and succeeding in technology careers. YouGov polled 250 women who have been in tech careers for at least 8 years (and attained senior roles) and 200 women who left the industry after three or more years. “X-factors” such as the nature of the work, the support provided by employers, and personal perseverance, along with more traditional factors like overall compensation and work-life balance were revealed through the research. Capital One released a white paper sharing the results and offering recommendations for the industry. Please see the full case study here.


Giving Voice to America’s Youth & Families

The Children’s Defense Fund (CDF) needed to create a sense of urgency around issues for which it has long advocated. YouGov surveyed 2,250 surveys of parents plus one child ages 6-17 from the same household. The survey covered a wide range of topics including school safety, views on gun control, children’s hopes, dreams and concerns and quantified the breadth of worries among both parents and children—from fitting in to bullying and from school AND neighborhood shootings to experiences with discrimination. CDF rolled out this findings in several white papers and press releases and has been using the data to build a case for change among legislators, policy makers and the general public. Please see the full case study here.


Revealing Trends and Insights in Global Digital News Consumption

Since 2012, YouGov has been the source of consumer survey data for the largest ongoing international study of news. In 2019 YouGov surveyed 75,000 respondents in 38 markets across 6 continents. By using our online data analytics tool, Crunch, the researchers gained early access to the data so that markets could be compared with each other and potential stories identified at an early stage. In the first week of its release, the Digital News Report made the headlines in 900+ articles globally and received over 4,600 downloads. The Digital News Report was a finalist for Best International Project in the 2019 Mediatel Media Research Awards. These awards recognize and celebrate organizations that are driving innovation and development in media research. Please see the full case study here and learn more here.