wysiwyg* digital product and brand design. wysiwyg* is an owner-managed full-service web agency. Since 1994 we have been developing interactive applications and appearances for brands, products and companies. wysiwyg* solves complex problems convincingly in a short time due to the continuity in the relationship with its employees and customers. We develop sustainable strategies, creative and surprising concepts and lean technical solutions that are easily accessible and joyful to use.

wysiwyg* Case Studies


Tino Pohlmann

Collected Tino Pohlmann Photography online Collected. A new concept that combines temporary exhibitions with a permanent online exhibition. The online exhibition presents the exhibition theme in an innovative way and transfers it to the Internet. It complements the exhibition visit, increases visibility and range and serves also as a sale platform for the limited prints. In addition to the concept, wysiwyg* has also created a website that perfectly stages the opening exhibition 001 _arena. The delicate grid above the visual is reminiscent of a focusing screen and adapts fluently to every device. The key visual combining photography, typography and grid forms the link for the integrated campaign with website, book cover and exhibition poster. See the full story here.



When the little craftsman orders from the big player…As part of a new digital strategy, ThyssenKrupp Materials Services is, for the first time, creating an offer for small business customers and consumers: Small quantities can be ordered directly online in a shop with 65,000 products. To date, ThyssenKrupp has had to deal with specialist customers, who have also been supported by the sales department. But how do you address ambitious DIY enthusiasts, for example? How is this depth of offer conveyed in a compact way? As a long-standing partner, wysiwyg* created the communicative, structural concept, provided technical advice and developed the design of this completely new second brand. See the full story here.



The reframing of the successful family enterprise now has reached it’s web presence: the clean and precise look sets the stage for bold imagery and videos and lets clients and partners explore the complete parts catalogue – roughly doubling the Mercedes-Benz product taxonomy. The modular concept of Neos — with a tailor-made PIM-package, the proven wysiwyg* check-out process and dealer locator — ensures a relaxed cruising experience. wysiwyg* has matched the sophisticated built-in caching technology of Neos with a content delivery network, so the whole frontend will perform as nice on a smartphone in Abu Dhabi as on a desktop machine in Bottrop. This shapes a digital brand experience that is true to the core values of BRABUS: performance, power, skills. See the full story here.