Transmission believes in the power of intelligence. By digging deeper, they unearth real understanding, to better connect brands to their customers.

As one of the top 10 leading global B2B marketing agencies in the world, Transmission works across all B2B sectors but with particular specialism in technology.

Transmission is a full-service agency with offices in San Francisco, London, Munich, Singapore, Delhi and Sydney. They are experts in account-based marketing, paid media, creative services and lead generation.


Transmission Case Studies

How do you make a start-up brand, with unproven tech, famous in the ultra-competitive cybersecurity space?

Deep Instinct’s technology was solid, but unheard of and untested; most c-suite executives hadn’t considered that deep-learning could be applied to cybersecurity.

Transmission’s insights, strategy, creative and media plan challenged conventional wisdom. Positioning Deep Instinct as an authoritative partner with a positive, aspirational message - a world away from the tired attempts at scaremongering that dominate cybersecurity marketing.

It introduced the need for a completely new security approach that resulted in positive business outcomes and personal gain for senior decision makers.


  • 4186% increase in target account engagement
  • 32% increase in branded search terms
  • 3,5880,872 total impressions

New ABM framework for Citrix Digital Workspace

Citrix wanted to use ABM to drive pipeline for its Digital Workspace proposition for 1,189 of the largest companies in the world. This included engaging with hard-to-reach C-level executives and skeptical IT admins.

While Citrix had some experience with ABM, they faced many of the challenges that those of us living and breathing ABM will know all too well!

We developed and delivered a completely new ABM framework, dubbed 'The Power of Three', using an innovative approach to insights. It would exploit multiple data sources at the planning, delivery, and reporting stages.

Results: A highly optimized and fluid ABM campaign that achieved $7.4 million in pipeline and a 5x uplift in conversion.

What should you do when your lead-generation campaign is stalling? Pour more money into the same lead-gen tactics and hope for the best?

No. There are far smarter ways to give your campaign a huge boost...including moving budget away from straight lead-gen tactics! As Transmission proved with VMWare.

By conducting extensive audience research and utilizing granular targeting options, we were able to be extremely efficient and understood our audience intimately. We modified our strategy to put awareness activity first – educating our audience before they moved further down the funnel and were targeted with premium assets using thumb-stopping creative.

The results? 259% increase in MQLs whilst halving the cost per MQL at the same time.