The Garrigan Lyman Group (GLG) creates exponential growth for companies by providing strategic vision for business transformation, developing world-class digital experiences, and creating brand engagements that deepen customer loyalty. With a data+creativity approach that considers the entire customer experience journey, GLG’s services cover brand strategy, integrated advertising, media strategy, digital experiences, technology solutions, and advanced analytics. GLG brings unique capabilities that deliver outsized results.

glg Case Studies


The Un-carrier is unleashed

T-Mobile is on a mission to transform the wireless industry. That means an end to suffocating contracts, more simplified billing, building out America’s fastest network, and more. The Garrigan Lyman Group (GLG) has been a partner through it all. Since 2007, covering hundreds of digital campaigns, device launches, Un-carrier announcements, website updates, and in-store innovations, GLG has helped T-Mobile customers experience a better way to do wireless and vaulted the company to the fastest growing of the major American carriers. While T-Mobile is 100% committed to its customers, those customers are internal, too. T-Mobile has partnered with GLG to inspire and attract top employees, the heartbeat of the wireless revolution, with a series of recruitment campaigns, social ads, and influencer programs. To every audience across all platforms, T-Mobile and GLG are getting the word out; the revolution is real. Please see the full case study here.


Bold storytelling for a global market leader

Quietly, American Seafoods has been feeding one billion people a year with wild-caught and sustainable Wild Alaska Pollock. GLG helps American Seafoods create more awareness of its brand and expand its reach. A new, mobile-friendly website from GLG now serves both B2B and B2C users. Bold messaging, a modern design, and captivating images bring greater impact to brand and product features while also offering a better view of what life is really like at sea. Umbraco, an easy-to-use content management system, gives in-house marketers and HR staff more freedom to quickly publish new content. To sell more fish, we also created more pathways to seafood customers, including social media and digital and print advertising. Please see the full case study here. 


Building brands big enough for the whole world

As a leader in global logistics, Expeditors has a critical need tell a consistent brand story around the world. Enter GLG. Our partnership began with the overhaul of to more effectively meet the demands of a global audience. The site has been translated into 10 languages, and we’ve logged thousands of miles to develop diverse photo libraries for a myriad of services and technologies. Work for Expeditors has continued with the brand strategy and launch of the new Koho business line aimed at smaller freight shippers. We’re also relaunching the Expeditors Tradewin website, used to showcase consulting capabilities around the world. As Expeditors continues to evolve, we are committed to providing world-class communications befitting the company’s status as a global logistics authority. Please see the full case study here.


Changing tastes demand transformed experiences

As Simplot Foods’ agency of record, GLG is helping to communicate the company’s vision of bringing Earth’s resources to life. That work has  included digital strategy, user experience, and design for the all-new and, microsite creation for tactical campaigns, and digital advertising, paid media strategy and management, and creative production. As a result, Simplot is able to do more than simply respond to the evolving appetites of people across the country. It’s also able to drive the conversation about new ways to make fries, fruits, vegetables, and grains more profitable, more on trend, and more delicious. Please see the full case study here.