Bryter is a global market research & insight consultancy, working with the world's top healthcare, technology, telecommunications and gaming companies. We help clients to better understand their audiences, develop new products & services, and communicate with them effectively. Our work covers a broad spectrum of professional and consumer audiences, and we utilize the most up to date in person & digital approaches to conduct research and bring it to life. We go beyond basic survey data to deliver deep & meaningful insights that help businesses succeed.

Bryter’s consultative approach means we help clients at all stages of the process to get the maximum value from research. Our skill set combines behavioral science, advanced analytics, quantitative and qualitative research and engaging deliverables. Speak to Bryter if you are looking for a market research partner that supports and guides you through the process, and ensures maximum reach and impact for your investment.

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BRYTER Case Studies


Digital Pharma

Helping a global pharma client optimize their channel and content strategy for a digital first launch. Bryter conducted a 3-phased approach utilizing a combination of qualitative and quantitative methods that delivered new, strategic and tactical insight to inform the client’s digital strategy. Our Digital Campaign Builder (DCB) approach identified the influence of different channels and content through physicians’ adoption journey, and identified the ideal content, channel and contact frequency mix.

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New Product Development

Bryter in partnership with WE communications conducted a program of research to help a med-tech company develop a new app to support Type 2 diabetics.

Qualitative research with diabetes patients was carried out to test and refine the proposition at different stages of development. Online client workshops with a range of stakeholders from across the global organization helped to bring clients into the process and land the research in an impactful way. 

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Developing a Brand Promise

A leading global provider of Telco Services wanted to develop a clear and coherent brand promise to be used for internal and external communications.

Bryter undertook an extensive program of research including interviews with senior client stakeholders, a staff survey, focus groups with customers and competitor consumers, and an international quantitative survey with target audience consumers. The resulting insights informed the design and launch of a series of new brand campaigns and staff engagement programs.

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