Basis Technologies is committed to developing software and services that support the increasingly complex digital media landscape and improve the lives of people working inside it. Since 2001, we have provided unified software and services, to simplify and automate digital media operations, while driving performance. Basis' digital platform, Basis, is the most comprehensive media automation and intelligence platform in the industry—and the only platform to support the planning, reporting, and financial reconciliation of direct, programmatic, search, and social media, all in one place. 

BASE Case Studies

Basis provides solutions for an evolving business

Basis’ flexible solutions help Monster stay at the top of their game. Early in the relationship, Basis provided managed services support, but as Monster’s business strategically evolves, they’re on a longer-term path to bring the media execution fully in-house. Both companies know it will take time and training, but Basis encourages clients to do what is right for their business, including moving fluidly between solutions like managed services and self-service. Sr. Director of Global Media, Shaun Farrar said, “[Basis has] been really open in saying ‘when you’re ready, we’re ready. We’ll customize our approach with you.’”

St. Elizabeth Loves the Customer Care

For more than 150 years, St. Elizabeth Healthcare has been one of the most respected medical providers in the Cincinnati area. They provide comprehensive and compassionate care that improves the health of the people they serve.

St. Elizabeth raves about the service and support they receive from Basis and Basis. From customized training and help on-boarding new employees to fast responses and thorough explanations, St. Elizabeth loves their customer experience.

How Digital Advertising Helped the U.S. Government Raise Awareness of the Dangers of a Growing Healthcare Crisis

A U.S. Government agency was seeking to address the rise in opioid addiction and the impact on communities. They partnered with Basis to find people who may not believe they could be impacted and shift perceptions. Basis was able to strategically define the target audience to guide tactic and partner selection.

Basis developed a layered targeting strategy with content adjacencies, custom keyword alignments, third-party behavioral targets, and interest targets. Nielsen measurement proved success with an 84.9% lift in perception among exposed audiences.

The Benefits of Connected TV Advertising

A popular pet care brand signed a celebrity spokesman and partnered with Basis to fully leverage the new endorsement.  Basis' approach focused on Connected TV.  With over 50 Private Market Place deals, access to 1st and 3rd party data, and the ability to reach specific locations and demographics, CTV delivers greater efficiency, scalability, and targeting than traditional TV, allowing this brand to get the most out of their video assets.

The sophisticated targeting of Connected TV allowed the brand to cast a wide net while exceeding the CTR, VCR and eCPV goals.  The Connected TV strategy was also able to repurpose traditional TV assets to get the most out of their video investments.