Based in the UK, Founded in 2006

Arch Creative is an independent design studio.

We create brands, multi-channel campaigns, motion and immersive experiences. We believe in the power of design to drive positive change, building brands with purpose, getting people talking and transforming businesses. We execute ideas that connect with your audience’s hearts and minds, producing campaigns which educate, disrupt and inspire. Along the way creating incredible customer experiences.

Our approach is responsive, open and collaborative. We’re experienced working directly with clients and equally with partner agencies to bring joined-up campaigns to life. We can recruit focus groups, organize stake-holder workshops and embrace the process of co-design.

A broad skill-set gives us the ability to work across a range of mediums and channels. From social content, video and motion-graphics, through to illustration, infographics and beyond, our team will bring your campaign to life.

Arch Creative Case Studies


NHS: Engaging Audiences

Encouraging a greater uptake of the Covid-19 vaccine in the 18-29 year old age group was the brief for this campaign. Working under a tight time frame we recruited focus groups representative of the audience and conducted both individual interviews and group research and feedback sessions.

With a co-design process we delivered a highly relatable campaign concept and set of assets. We produced both static and video content that was delivered as part of a multi-channel media plan.


FutureLearn: A highly effective multi-channel campaign

Arch Creative deliver highly impactful digital and social media advertising campaigns. FutureLearn engaged Arch to deliver a campaign promoting their online courses for a rich variety of subjects, from physics to French and big data to microbiology.

Our approach to this campaign was to design a creative ad format that would strongly resonate with the audiences. The premise of the campaign concept was to highlight that everyone is capable of taking an online course, and that nothing should hold you back. A secondary message was that the courses themselves are transformative.

To ensure the biggest impact we use data driven tools to gain audience insights, creating a detailed map of the audience, enabling us to deliver the right message on the most effective channels.

arch creative wheelchair basketball case study - people playing wheelchair basketball


British Wheelchair Basketball: Developing a Brand

Wheelchair Basketball is one of Great Britain’s most successful and viewed Paralympic sports. British Wheelchair Basketball approached Arch to give them a complete rebrand.

Our process started with a consultativee phase that included stakeholders for all parts of the sport, including the board, grass-roots players, and team GB.

We helped to identity and distil their brand proposition, values and vision. This was brought to life with a new fresh, forward-facing identity.

arch creative case study working in partnership


Mereo: Working in Partnership

Arch Creative in partnership with WE developed a European market awareness campaign for new WE client - Mereo Biopharma. Arch Creative’s work included, the creation of campaign branding, video content, and display advertising creative.

A range of videos were created which spotlighted the Alpha 1 condition, featuring interviews with patients and healthcare professionals. A video toolkit and guidelines were also created to assist local market agencies with the development of their own assets.

Display ad creative with specific messages tailored to each of the key audiences capped off this project.