Re-Imagining CalAmp’s brand

IoT is disrupting every business associated with the global connected economy. A long-time leader in the industry, CalAmp needed to link its B2B and B2C brands together in a unified way for the marketplace and had an opportunity to tell a clear and compelling story in an industry still trying to figure it out. CalAmp’s edge, industry expertise, innovation focus and pioneering generation of business value from IoT data needed to be brought to the forefront. CalAmp tapped PLUS partners WE Communications, Salt Branding and YouGov to reshape the way CalAmp presented its brands, spoke to customer and ran its business, energizing everything from their internal culture to stock price to future expansion plan.

CalAmp needed a unifying vision for two brands LoJack (B2C) and CalAmp (B2B) that could energize everything from their internal culture to stock price to future expansion plan

The industry is still very early in its understanding of IoT’s potential impact and even less clear on how to bring it to life today

Tell a new story through a refreshed brand on how CalAmp provides technology that allows you to interpret a world in constant motion, pioneering “The New How” of business value from IoT data across automotive, public safety and insurance industries

The new branding and messaging was revealed at Mobile World Congress Americas in San Francisco in Sept 2017, CalAmp’s stock price was up ~25% six months after launch



  • Brand audits and competitive set
  • 1:1 interviews executive/customer/analyst
  • Logo and visual language ideation
  • Brand narrative, messaging and press kits
  • Brand guidelines
  • Master narrative document
  • Influencer Strategy